My inspiration comes from living in different cultures, and contemplation of Nature.

I investigate and transform cultural knowledge, social perception in to different materials and sites. Starting with the intimate, personal and ephemeral, I morph my work in to the tangible, physical realm of the viewer -public. Design of my gallery dissolves boundaries between public and private, by encouraging interaction and creative exchange. By mixing different mediums, forming multi layered sculptural objects and installations;

I am stimulated by tensions and juxtaposition between them.

My work often investigates the spaces between organic and synthetic, male and female. I question their co-existence the social value placed upon them. Using natural or man- made structures; in my work I strive to express human vulnerability and to build awareness and awakeness. I believe in the power of very direct visual stimulation –silent conversation, encouraging inner dialog and contemplation.

 “You can see to much or nothing at all”